Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Citizens Remind Authorities of The Nuremberg Codes, The Authorities Say This Historical Reminder Is a Threat


During a demonstration to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials in British Columbia earlier this month, several Canadians held up hanging effigies of politicians. The media pounced on the move, using the occasion to decry “disturbing” anti-lockdown activism. 
The citizens who made the decision to hang the effigies did so as a symbolic gesture, they told RAIR Foundation USA in an exclusive interview. “It wasn’t…an easy thing for me to do,” said one of the activists. “I was born in a free country and now my liberty and rights are being taken away. My bodily autonomy is being threatened….” she continued, her voice cracking. 
Whether or not one agrees with the way the activists chose to express their justified anger over Canada’s tyrannical coronavirus measures, the media and leftist politicians have zero moral authority to judge anyone. Citizens in Canada and around the globe have witnessed abhorrent tyrannical behavior surrounding the coronavirus and vaccines, as well as an ongoing regular dismissal of actual leftist violence. 
Attorney General David Eby of British Columbia was quoted as calling the effigies “unacceptable.” “Implied or actual threats of violence are totally unacceptable,” he said in a statement. One wonders if the Attorney General is aware of the Antifa Vancouver B.C. Facebook page, which features a gallows as it’s main photo. Is a gallows an “implied threat”?


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