Monday, August 15, 2022

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination?

A fact check, promoted by Twitter, attracted my attention. It said that there were NO SAFETY CONCERNS found in animal tests and trials of Covid vaccines: 
I felt like I had to take a closer look. And I found something. The fact check, fortunately, mentions three animal studies — one for each COVID vaccine — and I read each one closely. 
It turned out that in all three studies, experimenters killed the test animals shortly after vaccination and the subsequent challenge of animals with Sars-Cov-2. 
They killed them so as to make it impossible to find “safety signals” that arise in vaccinated beings post-vaccination in the long run. This means, with all test animals dead, 
the scientists could not find out whether these animals could actually reproduce whether 
these animals had shortened lifespans 
what happens to the test animals upon COVID reinfections whether the test animals would be more likely to have cancers or other immune-mediated diseases whether the test animals were more likely to suffer from other species-specific illnesses 
It is very convenient to kill test animals, because this way, vaccine companies could report that “they identified no safety concerns” — and it is kind of truthful! There are no safety concerns with dead animals! 

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