Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The fauxtography fools

The Jawa Report (via Ace of Spades) has some of the latest examples of fauxtography brewed in Gaza. Case one: missile with square looking pixel framing in closeup. Case two: a man running with a seemingly injured boy in his arms who looks more like he's playing along and whose other pals, notably the boy to the right, has a hand that doesn't seem quite there. Case three: how exactly do the reporters happen to be on the scene at the right moment? Something just doesn't smell right about all this.

(Amended by Pastorius) Brian at Snapped Shot also has some good stuff up on this topic.


Anonymous said...

sadly, this is par for the course in much of the photojournalism I've seen from the area over the past 9 months... I've got ongoing discussion of this rocket incident over at Snapped Shot as well, if you're interested.

Brian L.

Avi Green said...

Thank you.