Thursday, May 24, 2007


As decent human beings let's weigh this out shall we? Are these veils more important than human suffering and dignity? Why is there such a profound importance placed on the wearing of the veil? For they are only pieces of cloth. Simple pieces of cloth. God forbid a lock of hair may be shown in public. Must not arouse the underlying repressed sexual desires of their menfolk. Though such a significance is placed on the wearing of the veil, that those who do not adhere to the strict ruling on the veiling of females in Iran, face arrest, and beatings when caught in the act mal-veiling.

NCRI, May 20, Tehran – A number of clashes have been reported in Tehran between regimes’ special police forces and young women following enactment of the new chastity plan by the Majlis (mullahs' parliament) and the campaign against women’s mal-veiling, reported the Iranian Women Society in Tehran.

The Society released a photo of a young women who had been badly injured by the regime's security forces.

A shop owner at the scene said: “The [regime] agents stopped three women between the ages of 25 to 30 for their nonconformity to the veiling measures. But their language was too rough making the women to react.”

Another eyewitness reports that in an argument between the people and the police, a mother and her daughter were beaten and their faces were covered with blood. They took their headscarf off in protest. It is said that they were using their mobiles to film agents attacking a women.

Disturbing is it not?

Iranian Interior Minister Mustafa Pour Mohammadi: "It is our duty to protect this most valuable cultural treasure."
What a lovely sentiment. Perhaps I am getting carried away. Or am I?
Fatima Mernissi, author of The Veil and the Male Elite expresses her opinion thus: "When I finished writing this book, I had come to understand one thing: if women's rights are a problem for some modern Muslim men, it is neither because of the Koran nor the Prophet nor the Islamic tradition, but simply because those rights conflict with the interests of the male elite." (Mernissi, 1991, p. ix).

Veiling and seclusion of women are a consequence of a patriarchal society. The issue of dress as a personal and political concern has implications for gender power and status in all cultures. Realizing this helps us understand why the Islamic patriarchy takes so much interest in the veil; in this context the veil is symbolic of a power struggle.
Of course that is what any of us with an ounce of human dignity, has known all along. The males are all about controlling the women. Must do all within their undeserving power, to keep women under their thumb, under their boot and in their place. Couple that fact, with their warped views on sexuality, ( Why else would islam promise 72 virgins as a reward for suicide??.) and folks as long as they are allowed to get away with this travesty of human justice and freedom. Iranian women and girls will suffer under the bondage of the islamic patriarchy. Exactly what the misogynist pigs thrive on.

And the veil will rule....

Maybe it is high time, that Iranian women band together and burn their veils, in a symbolic protest against this token of their subjection. Picture it, thousands of strong Iranian females across Iran, simultaneously creating massive bonfires, lighting the torch of their freedom.

Now that would be a sight for sore eyes...

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Always On Watch said...

And here's another thing....Muslims have lived here in the States for decades. But most of the muslimas weren't wearing jihabs or veils here. So why now?

These head and face coverings are signs of subjection to a male-centric ideology--an ideology which, in some forms, condones disgusting treatment of women.

Yet, silence from most of the women's rights groups.