Monday, May 28, 2007

Infidels Are Never Offended

Pastorius, you are ever the politician, but let me just say...

I hate the word "offended." And that was nice of you to tame your post for the offended.

That word used to mean something.

If someone called your Mother a whore, and if she wasn't, that was offensive.

Now, it just means, (read in a very whiney voice) don't say anything, about anyone, for any reason.

That is so not-Infidel!

The Muslims were offended by the Mo-toons...

They were virtually removed from the web, but thanks to bloggers here, I can say, virtually removed.

CAIR is offended every-frickin'-time a Muslim is called into question, and again, everyone backs down.

I've had it with reasonable people being offended.

Leave that to the un-reasonable people.

It's time to draw a line in the sand.

Being Politically Correct and not-Offending-people, is what is holding the world back from squashing the Jihad.

Mark my words.

Start offending, call things as they are, and the world will change.

Offend Americans, offend Europeans, offend everyone, but make them all wake up. Call a spade a spade. I know it happens here on the blog, but do it in your everyday life as well.

Until then, we will just keep meandering along.


Anonymous said...

The saying calling a spade a spade always cracks me up...

Anonymous said...

Here's the origin of the saying

The Fu2rman said...

Jonz, you make my point for me...

Thank you!

I'm tired of the word bullshit that separates us. We have nuanced every fucking phrase to death! Let's move on, and stop being offended by everything and set our sites on people that actually want to kill us...

Can we do that, please?

Pastorius said...

Jonz loves being offensive.

Jonz helped us out with our show before, remember?

Anonymous said...

Haha yes Pastorius! I have tried to tone it down recently though :)

Would love to come on the show again soon

Pastorius said...

Good. I'd love to have you on.