Monday, May 14, 2007

Iraq and Vietnam--A Comparison for The Innumerate

From al qaida's number 2 man (probably #1 man still alive) comes a recent video where Zawahiri sarcastically regrets that the US will probably slink away from Iraq before al qaida has a chance to give the US forces a "really good whipping." By a good whipping, Zawahiri means killing at least 200,000 to 300,000 US troops.

It reminds me of the good whipping the #1 man of al qaida predicted that he would give the US forces in Afghanistan--presumably something on the scale of another Vietnam. Al Qaida and the other arab jihadists and supremacists have never lacked for boastful rhetoric, in any conceivable situation. Remember "the mother of all battles?" The arab supremacist who predicted that ominous condition for US forces was reportedly "well-hung," and not in the genital sense.

Of course, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi feel that the nation of Iraq should change its name to Vietnam, to reflect the enormous US losses that have occurred, to date, in the tri-partite middle eastern nation. Political speculator George Soros apparently feels the same way, and is not above spreading his money around liberally to attempt to cause as many US voters agree with him as possible.

There are many significant differences between the low level war in Iraq, and the much higher level war that was fought in Vietnam. But the most significant one in my opinion, is that any threat from spreading communism in Southeast Asia was not deduced from a major terror attack on US soil. The threat from spreading jihadism is quite real, and was revealed by multiple attacks on both US soil and on US military and diplomatic assets overseas.

The concomitant demographic in Europe, Russia, Africa, South Asia, promise to provide a fertile growing field for future jihadis. In other words, what is seen in south Lebanon and Palestine, were only previews of coming attractions for the currently non-muslim parts of the world where muslims were procreating much faster than non-muslims.

In my opinion, the best reason for the US military to be in Iraq, is to learn to fight jihadis. Because what is happening in Gaza today, will be happening in Paris and London tomorrow, as muslim populations grow. Given that the US military is the only effective military in the western world, the very least it could do to prepare for the real and growing clash of civilisations, is to learn to fight this war--not Vietnam.

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