Monday, October 27, 2008

Progressive taxation is the democrat's false excuse for outright MARXISM

Someone making $450,000/year paying more taxes than I do in order to buy another F-35, fix interstate highways, pay employees who guard our borders, or the prez, award a grant to help cure heart disease, or even study the climate IS NOT - taking that person's money in order to give money to some other citizen to correct the balance between rich and poor.

I have no doubt any longer that too many democrats cannot make that distinction.

The culture wars PALE beside this difference.

I just listen to Howard Wolfson on FOX say that Barbara West's questions were TOTALLY out of line because progressive taxation has been around for a very long time.

That means he is either disingenuous or BLIND. I think he is blind.

Now with Obama's unguarded, genuine sincere belief's opened with both Joe the Plumber AND on the radio interview in 2001 we see that the democratic party at the national level wants something far different from the constitution of private property, and the American dream, either for us or for our children.

This party now believes that taking the fruit of ingenuity, labor and risk is more important than enhancing the opportunity for same ...the system which has gotten us to this point. They believe it is a ZERO sum game.

Others believe that those who can make the pie grow should be allowed to do so, otherwise, discouraged they will simply slink back, as the govt is clearly going to encourage them to do, and slack off in proportion to the confiscation of their effort, mind, and entrepreneurship.



Always On Watch said...

Points well taken, Epa, though I could also make the case for the flat tax.

Obama himself has cited progressive taxation as justification for income redistribution. I see income redistribution as running close by out-and-out Marxism.

I do fear that many Americans today have not studied enough "ism's" to recognize Marxism.

Damien said...


Marxism sucks

Damien said...

Always On Watch,

I agree with you, although I think that socialism and income redistribution predate even Marx.

Epaminondas said...

Why does the McCain fail to communicate key ideas which all americans can relate to?

Damien said...


I don't know

Anonymous said...

AoW states: "I do fear that many Americans today have not studied enough "ism's" to recognize Marxism."

Your fears are well founded. Ann Corcoran of refugee resettlement watch wrote a response to Hugh Fitzgerald last week worth a read.

Though her blogs topic doesn't immediately appear related to your point, read her reply (in two parts) and see how tangled this web truly is. It involves naive and well-intentioned do-gooders who are shills for the malevolent forces of Bill Ayers, SDS, Obama, the election, unions, Marxism, Islam and more!

Part 1

Part 2