Monday, October 27, 2008

I Knew There Was a Reason I Love Sarah Palin So Much

This is my kind of woman.

From Gateway Pundit:

Sarah Palin Talks About Her $35 Wedding Ring: "It's Not What It's Made Of... It's What It Represents"

No wonder they fear her.
Sarah Palin is an American classic.

Today in Florida where she was campaigning with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sean Hannity, she talked about her thrift store clothes and her earrings made by her Indian mother in law in Alaska.
She also talked about her $35 wedding ring:

Palin told the crowd that she bought the wedding ring herself she said, "It's not what it's made of... It's what it represents."

You won't hear that too often in the elitist social circles.
This will just make them hate her more.


Always On Watch said...

Not to brag or anything, but I, too, bought my wedding ring and my husband's. We went to a cheapie wholesale dealer, but the merchandise there was just fine.

Over the years, our wedding rings have come not to fit us. So, we got another set!

BTW, one of my dear friends has a stainless steel band. The marriage has held up just fine.

Pastorius said...

My first ring cost me something like $35. My second one cost me $200.

My wife's was more, but it was not expensive by any means.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Guess what, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NY Times and the DNC have just sent investigative teams to Hawaii in order to verify the purchase, true cost and location of the store she alluded to!!!!

Just kidding, but it would not suprise me in this sad state of America where clothes (bought with Republican money) are more important than associations with anti-American terrorists and thugs...

Anonymous said...

As a Jew, I was terrified by a comment made by Sarah Palin at a rally in which "Joe the Plumber" was a featured guest.

"With his shaved head, jeans, and steel toed boots, he's OUR kind of guy right?" said Palin to a resounding cheer from
the overwhelmingly WASP crowd. (At which point I cringed for her husband, Todd who is nothing like Joe the Plumber).

In what country are shaved heads, certain brands of jeans and especially steel toed boots not associated with radical
Neo-Nazi skinheads? And how do you suppose those Neo-Nazi skinheads feel about Jews, African-Americans, Catholics, and anyone else who does not fit the narrow description of a
"real" American according to the right wing conservatives?

Wake up Children of Israel!
McCain/Palin is a vote for those who despise us. Remember this: they protect Israel for Christianity, NOT Judaism.

Pastorius said...

In America, lots of men shave their heads when they are going bald.

A long time ago I had to leave my prejudice behind that a shaved head means "white supremacist". If you are not from America, then you might not be aware of this trend, and therefore, your prejudice would be understandable. If you are from America, then you know better, and you are simply exploiting a prejudice to justify a political position.