Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Americans: Tell Your Representatives That Shari'a Is Sedition

Add your name to the 17,889 people who have already signed this petition!

It says, in part:
We the American people call on our U.S. Congress to conduct hearings for the purpose of examining extremist materials that have been found in American mosques that:

* exhort Muslims to engage in holy war (jihad) against us;
* incite terror and violence against us;
* call for abolishing our constitutional form of government and replacing it with the theological totalitarianism of strict Islamic law, known as “sharia.”

There have been a number of studies of materials sold or distributed in mosques in America;

These studies have uncovered materials containing information that include calls to jihad (holy war), incitement of terror and violence, and the abolition of our constitutional form of government;

One such study of 100 American mosques found that 75% of these mosques contained such material.

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