Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Demise Of Gorilla Boy

The entire contents of this post is lifted (that would be "stolen") from the great blog Israelly Cool.

We already knew that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one sick puppy.

Now it is being reported that he is also sick.

And if you don’t believe the reports, check out the pictures:

ahmadinejad-ill2 The Demise of Gorilla Boy?

Yep, he’s definitely not looking too energetic.

ahmadinejad-ill3 The Demise of Gorilla Boy?

I think he may have even shrunk.

ahmadinejad-ill1 The Demise of Gorilla Boy?

You know you’re ill when Fidel Castro is helping to prop you up.

ahmadinejad-ill4 The Demise of Gorilla Boy?

It’s enough to make a grown man genocidal maniac cry.


Damien said...


Can't say I feel sorry for the evil man.

Pastorius said...


Kim Hartveld said...

Planning the 2nd holocaust wears you down.
All that hate needs to go somewhere, you know.

Anonymous said...

Using gematria, the Greek Church Fathers (e.g. Andreas Caesariensis Cappadociae, Commentarius in Apoc., 38; Migne 106.340D) identified the name of the number of the beast (Apoc. 13:18) as BENEDIKTOS (the values of each letter in Greek are 2+ 5+ 50+ 5+ 4+ 10+ 20+ 300+ 70+ 200 = 666); in Latin "benedictus" means "blessed"; in modern Arabic, the name Barack (Arabic: بارك ) means "blessed".

Benediktos = Barack

Anonymous said...

I checked the rest of the photos taken that day and he does not appear ill at all.
photos taken last week

Photos taken today

The photos show him in two suits - yet posted the same day. I say they are bogus. The day he wore the light suit could be another celebratory day like eid - breaking a month long fast - which would explain his weakened state. Psy op?

But I hope ya'all are correct instead.

Just sayin.