Monday, October 27, 2008

Now Obama bans CBS Phila after some tougher questions

This is a joke, and let's not forget they are also NOW THREATENING THOSE STUDENTS WHO EXPOSED ACORN/OHIO
From Greta Van Susteren

UPDATE: 1:10pm -- I was told the lawyer apologized to the Palestra journalist..and said he did not mean it to be an intimidation.


If you have been watching ON THE RECORD at 10pm eastern, you know about -- the college news network. But here is the BIG NEWS: the student journalists Tiffany Wilson and Shelby Holliday (not professionals) are AGGRESSIVE in pursuing voter fraud in Ohio and have uncovered ACTUAL voter fraud. They are also not afraid.

As a result of their journalism, votes already cast for President have had to be withdrawn.

So what is the students' reward for exposing crime??? An intimidating letter from the Senator Obama campaign lawyer to one of the students?? See below and then you tell me...

From: Rosenberg, Thomas
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 2:32 PM
Subject: At least in today's blog you spelled my last name right
To: tiffany

In other words, I am going to read what you write and watch what you say. Hopefully you will be fair and impartial as you told me you would be.

Thomas L. Rosenberg
Roetzel & Andress, LPA

Columbus, OH 43215

and then there is this...a blogger on the Daily Kos I am told...investigating the student journalists???

and then there is this email below that was emailed to IS INVESTIGATING TIFFANY WILSON? and her "crime" is exposing crime???? huh??? WHO IS JOE KNAPP? PLEASE RESEARCH AND POST!

Subject: Attn: Tiffany Wilson


I've been looking into temporary residents registering to vote in
Ohio, and came across a _______ in _____ where four
voters are registered, one of whom Tiffany Wilson, your reporter, who
has returned an absentee ballot in Columbus. Is she a permanent
resident of Columbus?

Joe Knapp

What are we in for?

These people are delusional about themselves

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