Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prostrating Ourselves Before Our Islamic Enemy

Maybe if I act like I'm dead, the Muslims will leave me alone.

From Up Pompeii:

This could only happen in the UK

You really do have to sit back and say to yourself "what the hell is happening in the UK", in this country we have Muslim Doctors who preach hatred Top Muslim doctor faces sack for saying 'transsexuals are twisted and society needs protection from gays'

This Doctor is clearly following the rulings of the Koran so for him it is perfectly ok to spout hatred against this segment of our society and needless to say if he spouts this about Gay people it is reasonable to assume he feels the same way about the Kuffar in general, all I can say is do not go to this guy if you are sick and not a Muslim, it could be very risky.

Ina addition to the above, Tower Hamlets (the Islamic republic of) has been holding secret meetings with the head honcho of the Islamic faith Mecca’s First Imam in secret talks with East London council leaders

Why in secret, I don't know, but suspicions must be aroused because of the secrecy, maybe they are going to declare an Islamic separatist state in Tower Hamlets.

The Police in London (gawd luv 'em) now have a new organization  City Police Launch Muslim Association, yes we have yet anther minority section of our Police force, this one as the name so clearly denotes is for the benefit of Muslim Police - no one else just them, of course white police or non Muslim Police cannot have their own association because that would be racist, thats against the law folks.

Lambeth Council have once again demonstrated their multicultural credentials, this obviously means that they have been spending taxpayers money on something which is of little use to the taxpayer, what is it this time - its a school, an Islamic school. Crisis-hit Muslim school bailed out with state funding

This school has gone bust so we are now paying for it to stay open


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From the same blogger:
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why is Bakri still breathing?

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Also from UP Pompeii:

A glimmer of hope on the horizon?

Call for referendum to exit the EU

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Sorry Jewel. I will do so.

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Thanks. Up Pompeii is a great blog. Gandalf used to post here, but he doesn't anymore. I wish he would help us out again.