Friday, October 31, 2008

What Is His Name?

He designs his own logos replacing cherished National Symbols.

He stages elaborate rallies at which he gives rousing speeches which bring people to tears and exclamations of praise. 

Children sing hymns to his name. 

Some think he is Messianic. 

People faint when he speaks. 

The whole world wants him to be Leader.

He says he will bring Peace, Hope, and Change. 

His followers believe he will settle the Jewish problem. 

And he shuts down reporters, newspapers, and networks who disagree with him ... What is his name?


Anonymous said...

bismillah he be the shaytan Africaner . . .Obama.

Anonymous said...

His name is Barack, Arabic بارك, meaning "he who is blessed", which in Latin is "benedictus", which in Greek is BENEDIKTOS, the sum of the values of whose letters is 2+ 5+ 50+ 5+ 4+ 10+ 20+ 300+ 70+ 200 =666

"anthrôpon hamartias auton [sc. ton antichriston] kalei ... tis de houtos estin? Ara ho satanas? Oudamôs; all' anthrôpos tis pasan autou dechomenos tên energeian"

"He [sc. the antichrist] is called man of sin ... Who then is he? Satan? Not at all; but rather a man in receipt of all his [Satan's] energy"

Joannes Chrysostomus, Homiliae in 2 Thess. (3.2)