Saturday, October 25, 2008

When our freedoms are threatened BY the govt and it's minions

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber
Investigators trying to determine whether access was illegal
Friday, October 24, 2008 8:57 PM
The Columbus Dispatch
"State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about "Joe the Plumber."

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became part of the national political lexicon Oct. 15 when Republican presidential candidate John McCain mentioned him frequently during his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama.

The 34-year-old from the Toledo suburb of Holland is held out by McCain as an example of an American who would be harmed by Obama's tax proposals.

Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher's driver's license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

To some people who have a sense of self righteous entitlement (without reference to any party, or conadidate), any common person who iconically identifies ANY political weakness they have, must be stomped on, both to win and to serve as a lesson to the rest of the common people.

Where was this illegal access done from?

Records show it was a "test account" assigned to the information technology section of the attorney general's office, said Department of Public Safety spokesman Thomas Hunter.

Brindisi later said investigators have confirmed that Wurzelbacher's information was not accessed within the attorney general's office. She declined to provide details. The office's test accounts are shared with and used by other law enforcement-related agencies, she said.

So we have at least a moderate degree of sophistication...or what always gets the morons... a coverup.

"Kill one, terrorize a thousand"

I want to see whoever did this prosecuted and thrown in jail, and WHOEVER ASKED FOR IT OR ORDERED IT, JAILED OR RUINED

We have some real problems and they ARE every bit as attention demanding as the Wahabbi and Khomeinist freaks

I'm real sorry if Mr. Obama didn't realize, as he clearly DID NOT, that his plan, and his naked moment of revelation described himself as a man to whom - having the govt enforce the taking of things from those who imagine and act and strive in order to give it to those who do not, or have given up, or cannot is far more important than HAVING the american dream, for yourself or your children. These are not taxes meant for the running of the govt, they are meant for Mr. Obama's different society of even outcomes.

I'm real sorry if Sam Adams and Ben Franklin are spinning in their graves and we all know it.

I'm even sorrier if IN THIS CASE some people feel a normal guy like Mr. Wurzelbacher should be subjected to the blood sport of american politics just because Obama is who he is, and was in the Wurzelbacher's neighborhood.

I'm sure there are republican morons just like whoever did this.

And that is the problem. These people feel they HAVE THE RIGHT, and ARE RIGHT TO DO SO.

Well now, Joe has struck back, and he well should.

Joe 'scared for America' after talking to Obama

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joe the Plumber all but came out of the water closet for Sen. John McCain on Friday, saying that his famous exchange with Sen. Barack Obama made him "scared for America" and that he doesn't trust the Democratic presidential candidate on taxes.

The plumber, aka Joe Wurzelbacher, burst into the headlines after he buttonholed Mr. Obama less than two weeks ago during a campaign stop in his Holland, Ohio, neighborhood and quizzed him about his tax policy. On Friday, he said that he wasn't impressed by the Illinois senator in their encounter.

"When I was face to face with him, my honest first impression was that I expected something more. I had heard so much about 'his presence' in the media that I was surprised to find that he seemed very average," Mr. Wurzelbacher wrote in a live online chat on (read the transcript with Mr. Wurzelbacher here).

"My gut feeling as he answered my questions? I was scared for America," he wrote in response to a reader who asked "When you were face to face with Obama, what were you thinking and how did it feel?"

Mr. Wurzelbacher, arguably the world's most famous plumber, has become a cornerstone of Mr. McCain's Republican campaign, which had embarked on a statewide blitz across Florida in a series of "Joe the Plumber" events aimed at blue-collar workers.

And since he has already suffered the slings and arrows of these execrable people.....

'Joe the Plumber' Considers Run for Congress

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher tells Laura Ingraham he'd be up for a run for Congress.


'Joe the Plumber' may consider running for Congress in 2010.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher told Laura Ingraham, in an appearance on her show Friday, he'd consider it.

Wurzelbacher would be challenging longtime Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

"I'll tell you what, we'd definitely be in one heck of a fight," Wurzelbacher said, "but, you know, I'd be up for it."

We have lost our ability to believe in happy endings. People like Obama and his philosophies are why.

Hey Joe, time for some Capra.


Anonymous said...

Bill Ayers calls the police on FOX reporter

Epaminondas said...

lemme guess....he wanted the reported OFF HIS PRIVATE PROPERTY?

There are no words if that is true