Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hizballah's Mugniyah replaced >> IRANIAN - Mohammed Riza Zahdi

Hizbullah has new operations chief 8 months after assassination

LONDON -- Hizbullah has reportedly replaced its operations chief eight months after his assassination.

Western intelligence sources said Iran has approved the appointment of the successor to the late Hizbullah operations chief Imad Mughniyeh.

The sources identified the successor as
Mohammed Riza Zahdi
an Iranian national
who worked in the Iranian embassy in Lebanon.

"The Iranians groomed Zahdi and when he was ready told [Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan] Nasrallah that he would replace Mughniyeh," an intelligence source said.

The sources said Iran blocked Nasrallah's attempt to replace Mughniyeh after he was assassinated in Damascus in February 2008. They said Nasrallah, although consulted, had little input in the Iranian selection.

"Nasrallah has been reduced to political activities," the source said. "He has very little influence over military operations or appointments."

Hello, calling Barack Obama who was stating in May that HAMAS and HIZBALLAH had legitimate claims (sort of like telling Georgia to exercise restraint while we attempt to rationalize both EQUAL sides)...Barack, bubby, you are telling the IRGC (who you WOULD NOT DECLARE A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION) that they have legitimate claims in Lebanon, bordering Israel.

Iran IS Hizballah.

How could this be made any more clear?

Mughniyeh was said to have overseen the training of Hizbullah forces, special operations, equipment and weapons deliveries as well as espionage. The sources said Zahdi would not have Mughniyeh's authority but would focus on the Hizbullah military buildup in southern Lebanon in coordination with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The sources said Zahdi, also known as Hassan Mahdawi, was with Hizbullah from nearly its inception in 1982. They said Zahdi was recruited by IRGC in the late 1980s and was given Iranian citizenship.

Nasrallah maintained control over Hizbullah military operations until the 2006 war with Israel. During the war, Nasrallah fled to a bunker to escape Israeli air strikes and the war was conducted by IRGC officers.

After the war, the sources said, Nasrallah failed to regain control over the Hizbullah military command. They said Hizbullah commanders reported directly to IRGC although Nasrallah was briefed on major decisions.

Failure to recognize these threats, congressional weaknesses, hatred of the organs of our defense and intelligence by the party in power, and coming investigations for political revenge are going to make this the 1970's on crack. It took from 1980 until 1992 to correct that decade and we should have no doubt the damage now is going to be far worse.

Look it up, this is Rome 120 BC. The oscillations are going to increase until there is street violence, and then it's going to go downhill.

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