Sunday, October 26, 2008

No More Concessions To Islam

A little while ago I posted something on the IBA called How Many Concessions Will It Take Before The Free World Is Unrecognizable? I envisioned a huge post, full of comments, but alas, my post was a flop. But I really like the idea of having one huge collection of concessions that democracies (and companies and people in the free world) have made to Islam, so I could use it whenever I mention concessions. (And for other people to use when they mention concessions.) When I write about Islam chipping away at democracy, someone can go to this site and see what I'm talking about.

Each little concession may not be noteworthy or cause an alarm, but I think seeing so many in so many different places and in so many different forms all in one view, it might make even a hardened skeptic think, "Hold on there! That's enough!"

So I started a blog and tried to make the URL as short as possible ( so it's easy to share in comments. Check it out: NO MORE Concessions to Islam.

I would also like to invite anyone to send me concessions you come across. The format I'm using is a short summary of the concession followed by a link to the article. I think this would create a maximum impact because the reader would be able to scan 25 concessions in just a few minutes, giving a feeling of freedom slipping away, and hopefully having a motivating visceral reaction. If you feel inclined to participate, send me concessions here: Thank you. This is another weapon in our arsenal.


Anonymous said...

No more concessions to Islam? Man I'll have what he's drinking.

Obama Office Operates in Philly's Islamist Corridor

Obama's campaign is thoroughly infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

Concessions to islam? Well, I just know you're after something more 'finely grained' than what pops into my head:

Britain, Europe, parts of North America, and my formerly (naive) unshakable confidence in the following:

-humanity inexorably moving toward a better future for all.

-a generally universal desire and longing for same.

-the power of reason to sway human 'thinking'.

-a natural global decline in magical/superstitious patterns of thought with the advent of information technology.

-a generally unbiased media.

Along with hundreds of hours of my time spent studying and thinking about a subject which I thoroughly detest. And the loss of family, friends, and income because "I just can't let the subject go".

Citizen Warrior said...

I can't let the subject go, either, and I'm doing my damnedest to infect others with my disease, just as Winston Churchill was doing in the 1930's. Don't give up, man. You are the front-runner. Nobody chooses this. Just like Gandhi, just like Lincoln, just like Grant and Sherman, the circumstances call forth skills and passion you didn't know you had, and it's not fun, it's not what you'd prefer to do, but it has to be done and when you look around and see nobody else is doing it, if you're responsible, if you've got any backbone at all, you jump in to help, like it sounds like you have.

You could choose otherwise, but you don't. I admire you for that.

This is stressful work. It's frustrating. But one of the redeeming factors is the comaraderie of brothers-in-arms, the bond of purpose, and the feeling of being involved in something historic. The founding fathers of America felt it, the soldiers in WWII felt it, we feel it too. This is historic. The fate of the world is pivoting on the issue we are facing here.