Friday, December 21, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People, Video Games and Movies Do?

The NRA created quite a problem for themselves and everyone else today.

Read about it at Ace of Spades.


christian soldier said...

break thread-
looks like our un-justly inpriasoned Marine will be released!!

midnight rider said...

Back to thread --

I, for one, like what LaPierre said, ESPECIALLY the part where he laid some blame on the media itself for distorting the thruth and telling outrightlies about guns and un violence to advance their own liberal progressive aenda.

It also seems to me their way of saying they won't back down and they're certainly not going to let you walk over the bodies of dead children just to get at us & the guns.

I mean for Christ's sake the smoke hadn't yet cleared and the libs were on it.

Pastorius said...

I understand what you are saying; that he is PUSHING BACK.

Problem is, it looks like tit for tat.

Indeed, it is. It is saying, hey, go take away that guy's right to freedom of speech before you take away our right to guns.

And, the problem from a PR standpoint, IMO, is that it sets up negotiation problems down the road.

The NRA has implicitly stated that they don't believe the rights in the Constitution are rock solid, but are to be negotiated depending on circumstances.

That is why it is a bad move.

midnight rider said...

I took it more as LaPierre calling out the hypocrits for what they are. You say this about us, people in glass houses etc.

Always On Watch said...

I cringed when I heard the statement from LaPierre.

Both the Right and the Left are in crisis-management mode. That mode is always a mess!

Pastorius said...

Frankly, when you are in a crisis-management mode it is time to start using the basics of PR.


Instead, he did everything opposite to what a good PR person would have told him to do.

Always On Watch said...


Yesterday's statement by LaPierra was a stupid move on the part of the NRA.

For a long time, I worked for a private school that was perpetually in crisis-management mode. The director reacted instead of making cogent statements about the school's mission and the school's policies. Eventually, the school had to close -- for one reason, because of dropping enrollment numbers.

The NRA did damage to itself yesterday. One helluva lot of damage.

Always On Watch said...

For decades on end, firearms were easily available -- probably more available to get into people's hands than the situation we have today.

When I was growing up, everyone I knew -- including my own household -- had rifles on gun racks on the wall and maybe a gun cabinet with no lock. Typically, ammunition was kept in a separate place but not locked up. Furthermore, there was always at least one firearm loaded and ready -- in our house, a .357 Magnum kept under the couch.

I recall one occasion when Mom got that pistol to stave off a prisoner who had escaped from Lorton. I recall numerous incidents of our using firearms to shoot rabid animals and the like.

Most schools had gun clubs and firing ranges where students received training in firearms and had tournaments in sharpshooting.


Why not?

What's different now?

Until we answer those two questions, I expect more horrors involving firearms.

PS: A suicide by firearm during those years occurred so rarely that I almost didn't even mention that kind of incident. In fact, nobody in our circle of gun owners ever committed suicide or even threatened to do so.

Pastorius said...

And, the reason I commented that the NRA damaged themselves and everyone else is because they are the foremost voice for the 2nd Amendment. Their PR disaster is our PR disaster.