Friday, December 21, 2012

Opposition to mosque planned in Melbourne

There is another mosque building project - not unlike what was intended for Ground Zero in NYC - being planned in Australia, and opposition to it has come up:
ANGER at plans for a mosque and evangelical church to be built side-by-side in Melbourne's east has spilled over amid claims Islam ''directly contravenes our freedom values''.

It was standing room only at the City of Casey chambers in Narre Warren on Tuesday night at one of the last meetings before the council debates a proposal to build a mosque and community centre on a vacant industrial lot in Green Street, Doveton.

The mosque would be next to the church and headquarters of Catch the Fire Ministries, run by controversial anti-Islam Pastor Danny Nalliah who was acquitted of a racial vilification charge brought by the Islamic Council of Victoria in 2006. The church has already been approved by council and construction is expected to begin within weeks.

Residents at the meeting cited traffic concerns, noise pollution, and fears the mosque would be used to preach hate speech.
And they've got every right to be concerned. How strange that it's being built right next to the church of a man who's opposed to the Religion of Peace. Is this some attempt to set the stage for clashes? One could assume that.

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