Friday, November 25, 2016

Bill Maher: The Reason Trump Won, Dems Lost Is, 1) PC Bullshit, 2) Islam

Simple as that.


Redneck Texan said...

You know, I/m starting to contemplate the reality that the defense department upper echelon and executive branch will soon share my ....... views towards Islam, and Islamic culture here and abroad, as well as my concerns about an inevitable Hispanic takeover of electoral control.

The political reality I've been wishing for is perhaps on the horizon.

..... but I can't say it doesn't give me ........ anxiety.

The checks and balances built into our political system will probably prevent a full implementation of what I would do if I were King. I think I might be unexpectedly finding myself somewhat appreciative of that fact.

I guess I'm just worried about how far the other 50% is willing to go to resist this change of policy. Especially with continued Leftist Media and corporate resources to fuel them to act on their now generationally instilled fabricated resentment.

The American experiment was certainly on the path to cultural degradation. Rampant crime, dangerous neighborhoods. A general animosity towards white men by those who aren't. Reexamination of our history books from the perspective of the new demographic's point of view.

I just dont have too much faith in the changing of the political guard's ability to put that genie back in the bottle. But it does feel like these changes could be enough to spark a more organized and violent form of overt dissent.

I dont know, it just leaves me open to reflection as to whether my preferred path to America's future is unrealistic given the facts on the ground. The reality on the ground didn't change. There's real hate out there on both sides of the equation. Historically this level of internal division only sorts itself out through organized violence, the ballot box just offers a catalyst.

Pastorius said...

Interesting thoughts. Maybe you should write a post on that. I would love to put it up if you are interested.

Redneck Texan said...

I dont know Pasto. It's just not as easy for me to write my thoughts at 50 as it was at 40. I have vision and concentration issues. And I no longer have the burning desire to change the world. I dwell more on mortality these days than I do geo-politcs or the Islamic threat.

That comment took me an hour to write.

Some former readers from my defunct blog have been asking me to fire it back up. I almost pulled that trigger the other day but remembered what a pain in the ass it had become to entertain and inform the , at times unappreciative and unresponsive room.

I kind of like the setup we have now. You and your loyal friends to all the daily heavy lifting ..... and I get to leave a drive by comment whenever the urge arises. ;-)

I do appreciate your continued hosting service.

Kid said...

They made a lot of great points there. Bottom line? None of them are interested in having a meeting trying to figure out how to Make America Great Again - How to improve the lives of millions of Americans. They were 100% focused on how to win an election. Period.

My advice to democrats is to keep singing the obama-clinton song of lets just keep doing what obama did. Afterall, it got you the popular vote didn't it? Keep working it liberals. Take it to your grave. It will work. :-)

Pastorius said...

I get it. I'm about the same age as you.