Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood Operative Caught in German Intelligence Services

From ABC News:
Germany's domestic intelligence service says an employee suspected of trying to pass along sensitive material to Islamic extremists had only been working for the agency for a short time. 
The agency, known as the BfV, told The Associated Press the 51-year-old German man started "not long ago" and had "been inconspicuous during the application process, training and at work." 
The agency wouldn't provide further details, but Germany's Der Spiegel magazine reported Wednesday the former banker joined the agency in April and was tasked to watch Islamic extremists himself. The magazine reported that he attempted to provide information in an extremist chat room online, but his chat partner turned out to be a BfV agent himself and caught him. 
Spiegel reports the man was a recent convert to Islam.
Germany caught him fast.

Meanwhile, we still haven't caught the Muslim Brotherhood operative in our government:


Anonymous said...

That particular Muslim operative seems to have disappeared without a trace. Just think, a few weeks ago she was on the verge of being one-half the world's premiere power couple. Now she no longer exists.

Pastorius said...

You think Hillary's not seeing her either?

If that is so, that would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Abedin may have been the highest placed operative, but we have them everywhere: FBI, CIA, State, Defense. You name the agency, we have them. Oops! I forgot the WH!