Friday, November 25, 2016

Halaal SJW

Muslim Girl: 5 Things for Allies to Remember: From a Muslim Woman of Color.

If you ever wondered what an incomprehensible and poisonous mixture of Islam, feminism and social justice looked like, then click on that link above.
You shouldn’t rely on those who you want to be in allyship with to teach you about their issues or correct your mistakes. But when they do, it’s important to listen, learn, and change your behavior. Don’t challenge personal experiences. Don’t tell someone the “right” way to express their rage.
That's right. So, when an inbred Muslim tells you that he wants to take a truck and plow it through hundreds of infidels, don't go all judgemental on him. Who are you to say that that is the "wrong" way to express rage?
To those who are anti-Trump and want to organize against white supremacy—here are a few other related hashtags to include in your next tweet: #abolishpolice #freepalestine.
If any of those hashtags make you uncomfortable, then the complexities of white supremacy may not be entirely clear.
Yup. That's the common factor between the NY-based former democrat Trump, multiracial US police and Jewish Israel: WHITE SUPREMACY!
Only the only country in the Middle East the USA didn’t screw over: Israel. Not only does the USA not screw over (read: systematically destroy, exploit, humiliate, rape and oppress) Israel like they have Iraq, Afghanistan and others, but they actually massively support Israel and its countless violations of international human rights laws.
Isn't it odd that 1 million Muslim Arabs live in Israel? Why don't they move out to other countries in the Middle East which are famous for their freedoms and steadfast support of human rights? For example, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, etc.

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