Monday, November 28, 2016

Geert Wilders on Track to Become Next Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Geert Wilders, chairman of the Party for Freedom (PVV), has been celebrating on Twitter today. The reason? His party is now the biggest party in the Dutch polls. With elections coming up in March 2017, the populist politician seems to be on track to become the Netherlands' next prime minister. 
According to the latest poll of Maurice de Hond, the Netherlands' most famous pollster, the PVV would become the biggest party in parliament if elections were held today (link in Dutch): they'd get 33 seats in the 150-seat lower chamber. 
The PVV is the Netherlands' one and only populist party. It's more or less "conservative," although certainly not conservative on issues such as health care. Wilders is especially well-known for his criticism of Islam and Europe's open-borders policy, which he routinely -- and accurately -- describes as suicidal. 
His main goal is to end "the Islamization" of Europe generally and of the Netherlands specifically. 
Additionally, Wilders and his party are the most Eurosceptic of all the parties currently in parliament. He is the Netherlands' very own Nigel Farage, which he once again proved earlier this year when he and his allies won the Dutch referendum on the EU's upcoming treaty with Ukraine. 
Wilders campaigned hard against the deal, arguing that it would eventually lead to the poor (and not entirely democratic) Eastern European country joining the European Union. Although proponents of the treaty said that would not be the case, the Dutch voter wasn't convinced. Wilders and the "no" campaign won.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the USA the Democrats have a slow motion coup in progress.

Epaminondas said...

What is most interesting to me in this is not whether Wilders wins or not (altho I think and hope he WILL) is ho wmany in the media call him RIGHT WING, FASCIST and RACIST as if this is fact.

It is a MARKER, a pure criterion for WHO LIES, and we should all remember who in the media and politics it is that call him thus. They are no longer worth consideration as believable in ANY AREA

Pastorius said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and for too long they were the trusted news sources.

Also, remember, the ground upon which the humpty dumpty media, and the GOP right, cracked, was the issue of immigration, and internationalism in trade.

That was the single thing that caused these people their great fall, which caused them to crack.

As I have said before, the election of Trump was about BORDERS


They don't want them.

We do.

thelastenglishprince said...

The election of Trump was not just about borders. It framed a deep-felt need to be allowed to express once again our pride in being Americans, and to affirm that the values which we hold are good. There is nothing wrong with saying that our way of life is the best, we embrace it for ourselves and it is what we want for our children and grandchildren.

Geert Wilders is essentially saying the same thing. He wants the Netherlands to hold to the JudeoChristian traditions, the European traditions which have served it well.

Pastorius said...

Yes, you're right, but in a sense that falls under the heading of Ideological Borders. We have the right to separate ourselves, because we are exceptional.