Friday, November 25, 2016

Masked Muslim*** Murders Nun, Takes 70 Hostages At Missionary Retirement Home in France, Media Attempts Coverup

Anti-terrorist police were searching for a masked gunman overnight after at least one woman, believed to be a nun, was murdered at a home for retired missionary monks in the south of France.
The bloodbath unfolded at the Green Oaks care home in the village of Montferrier-sur-Lez, north of Montpellier, soon after 9.30pm.
Shots were heard as the unidentified intruder attacked member of staff and members of an elderly religious community belonging to the Society of African Missions.
Notice there is no description of the fag who did this.

*** If I am wrong, and this is not a Masked Muslim, but is instead a crazed Buddhist, or Christian, doing this in the name of Buddha or Jesus, then I do humbly apologize for my mistake. And, I should probably be removed from society for my hubris at forming what I believe to be a rational opinion. One must question whether I, as a human being, even have the right to such speech.


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