Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Cultural Road Ahead

This article was inspired by an IBA comment asking for some post-election thoughts.  Thanks IBA!!

Trump’s glorious win has rats scurrying all across Washington D.C.  But, it represents an opportunity rather than a mission accomplished. Cultural Marxist themes still permeate our culture, telling us that the US is evil and smashing it is noble. For Trump’s win to have a lasting impact, it must spearhead a cultural revolution.  But, how can we change our infected culture?

Inclusivity and exclusivity:

To increase our unity, we must counter the multicultural narrative that the West has no culture into which to assimilate.  We must reject the globalist narrative that all people’s are the same and the West is not special.  We are an English speaking, tough, individualistic, rights / duties, non-socialist prideful, Protestant Christian  / Enlightenment-based culture.  Our culture is complex.  Sometimes it is easier to define by exclusion, we’re not a Sharia-loving, Confucian, Spanish speaking nation.

Yet, note that this vision is not racially exclusive.  People of all races can learn English. And, our vision not being racist also implies white self-criticism.  Our slutty behavior and soaring divorce rates, based on ‘party values’ have got to be shamed again.  As Socrates and Jesus said, the soul is higher than the body.  As Washington argued, hedonistic louts cannot sustain a republic.  We must acknowledge we have a culture and it has standards to which people of all colors should aspire.

Yet the culturist truth is that assimilation has limits, sympathy with Sharia law is not compatible with loyalty to western laws.  Cultural diversity is real.  So we need to take naturalization loyalty oaths seriously again. Excluding other cultures does not mean we do not wish them well, it means we love ours enough to protect it.   And, again, more fundamentally, knowing some things are not-Western is the quick route to knowing the West has a specific culture to take pride in.

Pride in our history on a culturist basis:

To spread this vision, we need to rewrite our schools’ curriculum on a culturist basis; that is, we need to acknowledge the importance of culture to our history.  This will turn our history from a source of shame to a source of pride.  WW II Japanese relocation was not racist.  It was because cultural diversity can create divisions in loyalty.  Manifest destiny was not racist, it was culturist.  If Mexicans had populated the South West, it would be high-birthrate / low-education and poor like Mexico.  Our predecessors weren’t irrational.  Our historical success shows they enacted smart culturist policy.

He who controls the past controls the future.  To make America great again, we must teach that the West has long been great!  As culturist common sense dictates, we must inculcate cultural pride with culturist curriculum.  

But, inculcating pride cannot stop at the schoolyard gate.  We need to have new patriotic public celebrations and reinvigorate old ones with new pomp.  The 4th of July must once again mean more than getting drunk and blowing things up.  We should sing the public anthem at more events and shame those who don’t.  That is not to say we need compulsion.  That would run against our mores.  But, events promoting pride in the American public are sorely needed.

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