Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today's (first?) real fake news story, and from where else?


How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’

Go read it but here is the gist - an investigation of how contemporary European nations were struggling to construct new, multicultural national identities (against the will of the people), found  a populist backlash was rising. But was that just a new kind of politics, or a symptom of something deeper?

The study cries 'the PEOPLE are the problem'.

Failure to accept foreign cultures as part of forming a new potential VOTING plurality, when rulers decree massive, percentage wise immigration, is, to these investigators, indicative of a threat to democracy.

In fact, it DOES, but not in the way they think. Then these guys use Venezuela as an example, couching Chavez as a military (right wing???) interloper and then blaming him for that most horrid of things, POPULISM. You know, when the troglodytes and untermenschen dare to imagine rather than accept their roles. THE MONEY LINE:
“It’s not just about what Trump will do to the E.P.A.,” he said, referring to the Environmental Protection Agency. “It really is that Trump may try to undermine liberal democracy in the United States.”
Missing from this analysis (clearly from the left) is that the systems are FAILING BECAUSE they no longer represent the people EXISTING IN THE DEMOCRACIES. The underlying assumption here is that all people from all places have the RIGHT to be in your place with your rights and change the way you live day to day, and if you resist this ideology, you are against open democracies (or do I dare say an OPEN SOCIETY?) 

Democracy fails when the governing people form an insular technocratic class acting in a manner in which they feel the populace just doesn't know what's best for them. In other words when they no longer represent the people. It's that simple. 

Reaction to that very failure is NOT a warning sign for democracies, it is a sign of vibrant health. These FOOLISH people mistake stability for democracy. They are not the same. A REAL democracy is continually redefining itself, is ready to do so, has plenty of thinkers AT THE BASE, and is unafraid of change. 


Democracies are always inherently UNSTABLE. Democracies are always potentially revolutionary societies. That's the whole trick of self govt. 

Be ready to change. Don't become a mob. Secure individual rights. 


If this was easy TRAINED DOGS COULD DO IT. 

When you hear the word POPULISM, it is intended to DENIGRATE this process of REFORMING the elected representatives, who have become self-loving, privileged, and arrogant in their self assurance of rightness. 

As far as the expression that democracy is the best system, or NOT, I give you the Islamist former 'president' of Pakistan, Zia ul Haq, who asked Barbara Walters (1980's) on TV, in  a profile interview all Americans could see:

'Barbara, what makes you think democracy is either the best, or final system of government for mankind?'
We all NOW know the danger (to us) he was speaking of, don't we?  

And it wasn't populism, or people of democracies being insistent their rights and expectations of representation, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL IN THEIR NATION, remains intact .. WAS IT?

The NYT has demonstrated it does not publish news unless it is warped into this kind of presentation, anything else is truly exceptional. You know ... always have a grain of truth at the heart of the dizinformaziya, just as the SUCCESSFUL KGB did.

In this case an academic study by those who think 'It really is that Trump may try to undermine liberal democracy in the United States.' was used as that grain, and then imagined that the loss of faith that the rights and freedoms of the people in democracies was being respected by their rulers, as a criterion that democracy itself was failing.

NO, the LEADERS have failed in that very measure.

The result is fake news.

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Anonymous said...

The problem for the NWO elites reshaping the world, destroying the middle class to convert populations easily manipulated, placing the power of the Sun King on the UN, is that they misjudged the degree of readiness to go ahead with the experiment which has been maturing for more than six decades.

David Rockefeller's speech at the 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany could not have been clearer.

Probably they should have waited for another generation, after we are gone ...