Monday, November 21, 2016

Monkey Takes Hijab Off Muslm's Head in Libya, WAR, 21 Dead, Over 50 Injured

The Muslims Are Restless

A shopkeeper’s monkey from a Libyan tribe pulled off a Muslim girl’s headscarf in what the Globe & Mail describes as an attack by the monkey. This set of tribal warfare between two warring tribes, one of whom was Muslim, which resulted in a large number of deaths.


thelastenglishprince said...

Tribal hostilities - which can now be parachuted into small American towns courtesy of Refugee Resettlement and the Lutheran Church.

Some lack the understanding of the concept of a cheap life when it comes to tribal warfare. When I went to a West African nation with the Naval Reserves our base was rerouted to a different locale because the American Ambassador demanded it. Within kilometers of our base camp, one tribal chief had just killed another, beheaded him and set his family ablaze.

The aforementioned is not passing of judgment but a clarity which understands the challenges when enforceable immigration laws which allow for orderly transition of immigrants in "small batches" are circumvented by the parachutists.

Woodrow said...

What ?!?!? No one can take a practical joke?