Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nazi America

Muslim Girl:
I’ve never been openly harassed for being Bangladeshi or Muslim. [...] Any racism that I’ve encountered throughout my whole life has been in the form of micro-aggressions. Someone would make a comment about the “ethnic” food I was eating or give my mom a funny look because she wears a hijab.
The Holocaust has got nothing on this.
On Nov. 9, I leave early before class to stop at the gas station. There’s a pickup truck in front of me, with a conspicuous “Make America Great Again” sticker. Before I realize what’s going on, the man who owns the truck walks toward me.
“You think it’s going to rain?” he asks.
I pretend to glance at the sky, and shrug. “Maybe.”
He takes a look at my university sweatshirt and asks if I’m still in school. I nod, rapidly calculating the outcome of this conversation in my head. Suddenly, his face splits into a wide grin and he says, “Crazy election, huh? It just goes to show…”
Suddenly, I understand what this is. It’s a victory lap. I can intimidate you because I won. There’s nothing “micro” about this aggression. I leave the exchange, feeling a newfound sense of fear.
That guy was literally Hitler.

Small talk at a gas station = Aggression. Seriously, this psychotic girl believes in a death cult which openly vows an unending total war against infidels. And here she is crying about phantom racism, the KKK, and Nazis. What's truly amazing about all these supposedly sincere and honest Muslims is that they don't leave! If America is truly vile and evil, then why don't they do the sensible thing for themselves and their families by deciding to collectively fuck off? If Islam is so fantastic and fabulous, then move to any one of the 50 Muslim countries on Earth.

Instead, every year, millions of Muslims want to enter this wicked US of A. The institutionally racist, bigoted, Nazi America admits hundreds of thousands of them! There can only be one explanation.

Muslims love Nazis!

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thelastenglishprince said...

The concept of micro aggression is overrated. We are adults. We should not be intimidated by debate nor lively political discussions. We should also follow the Biblical admonition to "Rejoice with those who rejoice." Those of us who supported Trump should be allowed our moment in the sun, and the graciousness of others extended when wearing our party hats and celebrating what is a historic win.

But the Left, is not gracious....

When I have happily noted I voted for Trump, if anyone thinks I am bashing them for their vote, they are self-indulgent. "They" are not the focus of my attention. My happiness is not a slingshot against their vote.

Pastorius said...