Monday, November 28, 2016

The Recount Effort is the Political Version of the IJN at Okinawa

Calling for recounts with timing so precise as to deny the states where the (unnecessary) recounts occur, the ability to respond in time to certify the election BEFORE the College of Electors meets is not like a 5 year old playing with a Glock 22.

Hillary Clinton's OBVIOUS involvement in a recount which cannot be completed before the electors meet represents a willingness to begin the complete, and irreversible erosion of American faith in the presidential vote. Exactly, by the way, what the desperate democrats claims the Russian hacked and un-denied wikileaks was trying to do as the agent of IVAN.


If the day arrives that the electors can certify only 260 of Trump's electoral votes while recounts remain uncompleted, the electors should turn this to the house and senate as the Constitution requires, and THEN President Trump should IMMEDIATELY move to make all Senate legislative votes an cloture votes PLAIN MAJORITY VOTES and ignore a party willing to scorch the earth of American faith - for a TWO YEAR period.

  Trump should meet quietly with BOTH House and Senate leaders from his party and then inform Schumer and whoever that turns out to be in the House. Compare this reaction to the reaction of the right after 2008. Trump should be willing to bet his ideas, his policies, his campaign of 2016 on being able to carry to success and legislation, via every vote taken. If this goes on the path is set anyway and the D's have decided to go to the wall with utter resistance no matter WHAT THE HISTORICAL COST, and Republicans will then have been compelled to act by a party which did not even BOTHER to try to work anything out before inauguration even occurs, let alone when the new Congress has been seated.

I had real hopes given the actual independence of Trump's ideas there would be MANY areas a bipartisan majority could be found, especially on the coming bilateral trade deals.


It's all words on the D side, and they are turning out to be words of complete resistance. If by some miracle Trump is denied, you will not see a bunch of riots by rural America. You will see SERIOUS demands for internal autonomy, border control, taxation independence of and from federal authority and REAL civil violence if SCOTUS rules against local control or local independence.

All born by the EUCHRED ZEALOT'S burning hatred they call love for another.

Either that, or the Republicans and Trump will legislate by plain majority and succeed in the view of the voters or FAIL and be voted out.


There were a lot of casualties at Okinawa.

But the outcome was inevitable.
This election is OVER. The results are KNOWN. I'd say we'll see you at the Yasukuni Shrine, but the zealot morons aren't even doing it for the mother country.


Always On Watch said...

Anything to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

See The Democrats’ real strategy in launching recounts.

Anonymous said...

In Wisconsin, Districts 1-10 provide evidence
2324 Registered voters cast 2709 ballots
385 more votes than registered voters.
FWIW, Paul Ryan is from District 1

Any recount in these swing states is likely to be detrimental to the Clinton campaign.
We're makin' a list and checkin' it twice!
Jilly Stein's illegal recount foreign donations made after 3AM while everyone is US asleep.

Clinton Popular Vote?
3 Million non-citizen votes
1.8 Million duplicate state registrations (including university students voting in multiple locations)
3 million duplicate state registrations
5 states with 98% Clinton late votes

Bunkerville said...

I beg to differ. We are being too sanguine about this being over. There are no paper back up of the electronic voting machines in PA. She will need a friendly judge but that shouldn't be too hard to find in Phila. Each and every machine will have to be manually opened. Good luck America.

Epaminondas said...

The situation is bad enuf as it is right now.

Denial of the result at this point WILL RESULT in massive changes to the republic.

Republic-Gracchi-Marius-Saturninus-Civil wars-Sulla-Prosripstions-Triumvirate-CIVIL WAR-Dictatorship

It took 80 years and the republic was ~500 years old with NO real competitors on the world scene in 120 BC.

We are not exempt from a loss of order, leading to REAL civil violence leading to the inevitable result

We have been the EXCEPTION to this natural process, not the example