Friday, November 25, 2016

Christiane Amanpour Compares Trump to Erdogan and Ayatollahs – Calls on Media to Destroy Him


Anonymous said...

OT Betsy DeVos: Funded Pro-Muslim, Anti-Israel Curriculum; Affirmative Action Pimp; Guess Who Her Brother Is

Trump's pick for Sec. of Education....ugh!

In recent days DeVos claims she is against Common Core - however:
DeVos is listed on the Board of Directors for GLEP [Great Lakes Education Project] and GLEP Supports Common Core

* She funded ANTI-ISRAEL, Pro-Muslim curriculum in America’s Public Schools.
* She supports extremist Muslims who aid and abet Islamic terrorist groups, bring terrorism-supporting Muslim illegal aliens into the United States, and boycott Israel.
* She’s An Affirmative Action Pimp and Plays the Race Card.
*One other thing: Betsy DeVos’ brother is Erik Prince, the founder and chief of Blackwater for many years.

Pastorius said...

I'm not sure what to believe here.

Debiie Schlussel is often VERY wrong. One time she accused Darrel Issa of being in bed with the Jihad because his name is Arabic.

Pastorius said...

Here's what Conservative Treehouse has to say about DeVos:

Always On Watch said...

I can't imagine that Trump would have knowingly chosen a pro-Muslim, anti-Isreal Secretary of Education.

Pastorius said...

I can't figure out if Debbie Schlussel is just out of her fucking mind, or if she is an Agent of Disinformation planted by some enemy.

thelastenglishprince said...

Federal oversight of state public schools is a layer of taxpayer funding which is not needed. Let the states dictate their curriculae based on the social mores of their region. If that alone is accomplished - the debulking of the Federal tumor - I will be happy.

I think DeVos is probably a decent choice. Over my "journalism lifetime" I have been accused of some things which are the opposite of what I believe. This is no different than Trump being accused of being an "insider" - but then making it clear in his campaign that being "inside" did not make him part of the pack, but merely part of the "game". Perhaps DeVos has been inside and inside the game. That just makes her more knowledgeable on how to play.

Always On Watch said...

I favor abolishing the Department of Education. It's become another behemoth of the federal bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

D. Schlussel banned me from her site. I have no qualms with what you say, Pasto.

However, DeVos' statements that she does not support Common Core are not particularly credible. One doesn’t sit for three and a half years on the Board of an organization whose sole purpose is implementation of Common Core if one doesn’t support Common Core.

I'd need to know more about her definition of school choice.
Charter schools can be fronts for Islamic indoctrination centers like the Gulen schools, yet operate from our tax dollars.
Speaking for myself here in NY, charter schools are being stuffed with Muslims and other “minorities.” There is a charter school by me called the “Young Women’s leadership School.” Their motto is “where future leaders are born.” First of all, the school only has female student – a big no-no for males. Second the school is predominantly filled with Muslims and Hispanics, maybe 1% white. I believe one of the reasons for this school is the satisfy Muslim Sharia where girls don’t mix with boys. When I pass by and see these “future leaders” come out, I say to myself ‘if this is our future, we are in big trouble.’
In any case, I have confidence in Trump (if not in all his initial choices...particularly confident that Trump has the Gold Medal in terminating those who don't meet his standard.

Pastorius said...

You write - Charter schools can be fronts for Islamic indoctrination centers like the Gulen schools, yet operate from our tax dollars.

I respond - I absolutely share your concern.

I remember when GWB came up with his Faith-based Initiative idea. I thought, well, I can see the potential for abuse, but I think GWB wants to do some good stuff.

Problem is, Soros and his ilk - with Obama's help - have used Faith-based initiatives to fuck up the modern christian church by getting Pastors and Boards of Elders addicted to Federal funding and grants.

I have written repeatedly here - mostly in comments - that I don't like the public school system, but that I am not a fan of school choice for the exact reason that you articulate here.

I can see that much federal money will go to the funding of schools for Muslims and schools for other types of religions and ideologies and what we are building is not an education system but a Tower of Babel.

I get it. I agree.