Sunday, November 27, 2016

Welcoming destruction

Vox Day:
The thing that is so ludicrously stupid about the equalitarian position shared by American liberals and conservatives alike is that it assumes because reasonably digestible numbers of European immigrants were semi-successfully assimilated with only one massive civil war followed by 60 years of virtually no immigration, an unlimited number of non-European immigrants can be permitted to enter the country indefinitely.
This is not merely bad logic. This is insane. There is no way - none - to rationally defend or justify the position, which is why its defenders immediately retreat to abstract ideals and pure rhetoric.
This mental disease is not limited to America.

Justin Trudeau has taken in over 35,000 Syrian refugees. Considering the size of Canada, this would be like the US taking in 350,000 people in one year. Right now, the Canadian government is processing a further 20,000 applications.

These Syrians get federal government aid which runs out after one year. Then, the local and provincial governments have to pay for their welfare. Half of these people can't read or write. They're incapable of working in an advanced economy.

Worse, some of them are very likely terrorists. Think about the insidious situation: these evil Muslims come to Canada, plan their attacks and will eventually kill scores of innocents while being subsidized by the very country they'll assault. Trudeau's government has welcomed evil and nourished it with free money.

The sad thing is that the retarded liberal reaction to the coming attacks will be, "We just weren't nice to the poor Muslims. We didn't give them enough money. It's our fault."

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