Saturday, June 24, 2017

History of the Black Slave Trade and America - MUSLIMS

The man in this video is Ted Hayes. You can learn about him HERE.

A note on the video at YouTube says:
Published on Jul 12, 2010 from Youtuber democast. 
Great informational youtube channel. Fair Use. This will be in the "Islam Exposed" playlist. 
Ted Hayes exonerates whites for slavery, but is concerned about Blacks turning to Islam, the culture which originally enslaved them, and since having been liberated by whites, are now voluntarily re-submitting themselves to what Hayes views as a "voluntary slavery." 
I do not exonerate White people for slavery. What I do say is if it weren't for white, fundamental, bible Believing Christians, blacks might still be slaves. I don't believe black people would have won the civil war without whites fighting for them and with them. 
If slavery is something that really bothers you, why don't you fight slavery around the world or corruption of the United Nations who just ignores the slaughter of innocent people every day. 
Wake up America. Some people would be happy if they could be slaves right now vs homeless, foodless, and jobless. You thought slavery was bad. Slavery was mild compared to what is about to take place.


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Pete Rowe said...

Professor Skip Gates, who you might remember as the Harvard professor at the center of Obama's beer summit, wrote a book on the subject of Islamic space trade and the brutality of the Muslim slave lords. Islamic slavery was more brutal than colonial chatle slavery. This does not minimize the horrible institution of American slavery but only is instructive of how brutal Islam is toward people. Christians help to stop slavery. Islamic nations are today's top traffickers of humans.

Pete Rowe said...

I hate autocorrect by the way. Slave trade in the above post, not space trade.

Pastorius said...

I sure do remember Henry "Skip" Gates.

Did you ever think about how "racist" and "classist" it was of Obama to suggest a beer summit to the Irish cop?

Obama is a stupid puddle of scum. For a person who was raised in a multi-ethnic culture, he seems to think only in terms of race.