Thursday, June 22, 2017

How Did The United States Destroy the Militant Politico-Religio Ideology of Japanese Shintoism?

The US developed a program to utterly and totally DELEGITIMZE political Shintoism in Japan after WWII and decades later results universally speaks for itself.
This nation as well as all Western civilization must accept that Islam is a religion as violent and dangerous as Shintoism and must be utterly and totally delegitimized to win the war for humanity and civilization as we know it.
To continue to allow the practice of political Islam is the equivalent of legitimizing and legalizing sedition/treason as an act of faith.
Enough already.

A brief reminder as quoted from: Dr. Andrew Bostom’s “Sharia vs. Freedom – The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism”

Japanese Lessons, Lost?
Figure 36.1 A United States War Department poster highlighting the wrenching reforms of Japan’s state religion, Shintoism (I.e., eliminating Shinto State militarism, and its indoctrination within Japanese schools – and the guarantee of true religious freedom (including Shintoism as a private, personal faith), under the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP), primarily, General Douglas MacArthur. Reproduced from William P. Woodard, The Allied Occupation of Japan and Japanese
Religions 1945-1952, Leiden, 1972, frontiespiece, in ref. 2, p. 97)

"Professor John David Lewis, in a recent analysis dedicated to the late General Paul Tibbets (d. November 2, 2007), commander of the B-29 Enola Gay, which bombed Hiroshima, analyses how the defeated Japanese reformed their nation dramatically, “under stern American guidance.”
Central to this process was a complete de-legitimization and disenfranchisement of Japan’s religio-political state religion, post-Meiji Restoration (1868) Shintoism. These wrenching reforms of Japanese Shintoism
included eliminating Shinto State militarism, and its indoctrination within Japanese schools concurrent with the guarantee of true religious freedom --- including the practice of Shintoism as a private, demilitarized, and depoliticized personal faith ---under the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP --- see poster, illustrated herein), primarily, General Douglas MacArthur.

State Department chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs John Carter Vincent elucidated this policy---ever cognizant of the dangers of State Shinto---which nevertheless guaranteed the private practice of Shinto. Vincent’s views were quoted in this October 1945 telegram sent by the US secretary of state James Byrnes to General Douglas MacArthur, establishing basic US policy goals toward Shintoism, while clarifying for MacArthur and his subordinates the fundamental principles to attain those goals:

===>"Shintoism, insofar as it is a religion of individual Japanese, is not to be interfered with. Shintoism, however, insofar as it is directed by the Japanese government, and as a measure enforced from above the government, is to be done away with. People would not be taxed to support National Shinto and there will be no place for Shintoism in the schools.
Shintoism as a state religion --- National Shinto, that is --- will go. . . Our policy on this goes beyond Shinto . . .The dissemination of Japanese militaristic and ultra-nationalistic ideology in any form will be completely
suppressed. And the Japanese Government will be required to cease financial and other support of Shinto establishments."
Immediately thereafter directives were issued which terminated various educational platforms for the indoctrination of students into Shintoism, and fired their purveyors. Textbooks were rewritten, and student education retooled to emphasize “the importance of challenging dogma, and of forming their own opinions." As John Lewis observes, when Theodore Geisel ---Dr. Seuss --- visited Japan a mere eight years after the Japanese surrender, and initiation of these educational reform programs, asking students to draw pictures of what they desired to be when they grew up,

===>"The children drew hundreds of pictures of doctors, statesmen, teachers, nurses, and even wrestlers. Only on student wanted to be a soldier --- and he wanted to be General MacArthur. The values of these children were already far different from those of their parents a decade earlier, when the Japanese dreamed of dying on the battlefield for an Emperor-god.<===

Sixty years later the lessons from the era Japanese reconstruction have been ignored entirely following the US – led military interventions in Afghanistan, now under the post-Taliban Karzai regime, and Iraq, after the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Indeed the post WWII paradigm of neutralizing Japan’s bellicose, religio-political creed of Shintoism has been turned on its head with regard to Islam and the theocratic Islamic legal code, sharia --- imbued with jihad, and completely antithetical to modern human-rights
More here:
TheObjectiveStandard: 2007 Winter, Vol. 2, No. 4 “Gifts from Heaven”: The Meaning of the
American Victory over Japan, 1945


Anonymous said...

C'mon Pasto, the difference is that we had balls then. We would be unable to defeat Hitler with present day mentality. People are cowards. We have become too accustomed to comfort, the good life, good pensions and believing that our generation witnessed the end of history.

Well, guess what? History is still running, but we don't have the guts or the balls to stand our ground or our values, because we gave up on those values a long time ago. At least the rest of the country and the world ... Perhaps not you, or I, or my sons, but I don't believe we are the critical mass needed to effect change.

Anonymous said...

Critical mass is achieved with the knowledge that it CAN BE DONE and SUCCESSFULLY HAS BEEN DONE within recent generations. Illuminating this fact is key.
Pasto- the image of the WWII poster link is embedded - but it may gain more attention if the image is posted with it.

Pastorius said...

Ah, ok, thanks. I'll add the image.

Pastorius said...

That image is amazing. They were so clear on what they were doing.

WC said...

....and it was all accomplished at a point of a gun. Funny how fascism in all it's forms, Islamo or otherwise, seems to wither away then.