Saturday, April 21, 2018

BREAKING: North Korea is suspending nuclear and missile tests and shutting a nuclear test site ahead of Trump summit


Anonymous said...

Something I've yet to see mentioned: Back in early February there was reported a minor earthquake (about 3.2 Richter) in the exact same area NK conducts its nuke tests. Early reports speculated it may have caused irreversible damage to the underground facility.

In fact, NK has not conducted any tests since. Perhaps the quake was caused, directly or indirectly by something they did. Perhaps it was something WE did. Perhaps it was just a remarkable coincidence.

But any way it happened, maybe NK no longer has a viable nuke program. That would explain a lot.

thelastenglishprince said...

Disagree with anonymous. NK may have a viable off-site nuclear testing facility with a "friendly" ally; they undoubtedly have dirty bombs - can be made rather "cheaply" compared to an ICBM, etc. They maintain nuclear capabilities on some scale unknown to the public. And they thrive within a black market environment which is lucrative - not to count an emotional black market of threat. Most likely, maintain a CBR-D nightmare scenario for our analysts.

The finger on the button belongs to Trump. Don't know how he has managed this, but congratulations seem to be in order. Even getting both sides to the table is something which has not been accomplished during prior administrations.

Pastorius said...

Doesn't seem like something to disagree with Anonymous about. He's just stating something that happened, and wondering if that might have something to do with this turn of events.

We wouldn't know, would we?

Anonymous said...

NK is and has been China's bitch for some time. China has their back - possibly with off site testing facilities to placate the miserable midget.

China controls the DPRK and when Trump defeats China on the economic issues, China will save face by giving up DPRK's nukes in order to get a better trade/economic outcome.
The defeat of North Korea's nukes doesn't come by confronting NK nukes; it comes from China giving them up because their economic survival is dependent on it.
China saves face in defeat by positioning the actual defeat at the feet of Kim Jong-un.
Everything else is chaff and countermeasures.
10/3/2017 UKTelegraph
Collapse at NK nuclear test site 'leaves 200 dead'
On the other hand, NK's economy (if one chose to call it that) is in desperate need of funds. NK may promise to not use their arsenal - but have they promised not to sell it to the highest bidder? (Iran,Qatar,UAE,Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.)
NK has a history of dealing with the Muslim thirst for nuclear power...has Kim absorbed the value of "Hudna" from their best customers?