Sunday, April 22, 2018

France: Arrest of woman wearing niqab triggers five nights of rioting and millions in damages

Last Sunday, on 15 April, a police patrol in Toulouse arrested a niqab wearing woman because she refused to show her face. In France a law adopted in 2010 states that no one public spaces may wear clothing that hides their face. 
The event took place in the city’s migrant populated Mirail suburb and sparked five consecutive nights of violence. Footage shows that the arrested woman is heavily resisting her arrest and she is shouting insults at the cops. 
In a matter of minutes, a group of protesters rapidly formed and forced the cops to throw tear gas grenades to disperse the crowd. The woman was placed in custody and will be judged in mid-May for “rebellion, outrage and violence on a custodian person holding public authority”. 
Unfortunately, the problems were just the beginning: In the same area, a few hours later, approximatively 100 rioters started to burn cars and containers. A police station in the area was attacked as well. 
The cops were called, and a fight broke out between police and rioters. The police had to call the Republican Security Companies, a unit who specialize in crowd and riot control, and a helicopter. 
A rioter, who was filming said in the video: “We were worried they weren’t coming (the cops), so we went to the commissariat to see if they’re ok. Apparently yes.” The riots took place from Sunday night to Thursday night. 
As of right now, there have been: 23 arrests, 76 burned cars, 200 police mobilised and a 5th night of difficult sleep for the civilised habitants of the district.


LL said...

The solution may be to arm the police with rifles and bayonets. Drag step into the crowd and stick a few dozen, walking over the corpses as you move forward.

Then again, that's me, and I'm not all THAT politically incorrect.

The incident is a classic example of WHY you don't let Muslims settle in your nice, civilized country.

Anonymous said...

Those who insist that all these Muslims are necessary for "diversity" and "cultural enrichment" will not make their personal assets available to pay for the damages their policy has caused. This is all so very sad and so very unnecessary. Now it is too late. The French will soon be a minority in their own land, by their own choice.

-- theBuckWheat