Friday, April 27, 2018

All Men are Created Equal

From The Last English Prince:
One sentence. One sentence in a relentless tirade caught my attention. 
All Men are Created Equal 
It was a sentence spoken by what appears to be the senior officer: 
“Miss, this does not involve you one percent.” (taken from the text) While addressing her lack of situational awareness, the officer spoke in prophetic manner. 
Caren Z. Turner is part of the “one percent”. Let’s read a few if her statements: 
“Concerned citizen and friend of the mayor.” 
“I am the Commissioner of the Port Authority.” 
“Don’t call me Miss, I’m ‘Commissioner.'” 
“I’ve got four people coming back to my house including people who live in New Haven attending Yale graduate school as a Ph.D candidate.” 
“You can’t put a sentence together of what the problem is?” 
“You may shut the Fuck up.” 
“I will be talking to the Chief of Police and I will be speaking to the mayor.” 
“I’ve got all your information, sweetheart, you can’t put a sentence together.” 
“The police have all been in my home, and my second home, and my third home in Tenafly.” 
Name dropping, abuse of official capacity, titular arrogance, educational pride, name dropping, intimidation and demeaning of the uniform, social class and manipulation of a flanking organization class to intimidate. That about wraps it up, except for noting the “Commissioner” ended a sentence with a linking verb, so perhaps her vocabulary also sucks.   
The Last English Prince gives honor and respect to all. When conversing with individuals with poor usage of grammar I do not judge. I seek out the wisdom of their words. Wisdom is borne of experience, tested within the furnace of man’s soul, an expression of a speaking spirit. The Last English Prince, while aware of class distinction, treats all with a same level of kindness. There is no envy toward those who have attained more from the American Dream than others. But neither is there a sense of duty toward those who have attained less, beyond the milk of human kindness residing within my own frame. All Men Are Created Equal. These are the words which sustain the cloth of our nation and remain a symbol of our Republic. Let the creatures who populate the corridors of power, inhabit the coveted super zips, consider Wal-Mart a blasphemous thought and retain disregard for those who are “poor in spirit” take note: All Men Are Created Equal. It is the oath which each American should take upon their lips.

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