Thursday, April 26, 2018

James Comey Timeline on “Not Informing Jeff Sessions” Doesn’t Add Up…

TheLastRefuge points out an inconsistency in James Comey's timeline = "Not informing Jeff Sessions" doesn't add up...
in the twitter comment feed, one notes:
"CNN broke the story Jan 10 when Al Franken's questions blindsided Sessions. Sessions had not heard the story until Franken told him. Sounds like a Clapper/Brennan leak to blindside him & set up the recusal but it was when GOP got after him that he actually recused."Issa, Chaffetz, Rep. Raúl Labrador & Grassley wanted him to recuse after the Dems wanted him to step down....""
"They leaked the secret meeting at the mayflower hotel with kisliak where sessions got the secret microfilm. Actually he bumped into him at the buffet line, said hi, and left. Comey told congress after he was fired, in private, after his testimony. Comey planned a forced recusal"

instead of "his recusal based on his being a part of the campaign and thus an interested party, not because of any meetings with ambassadors.
It was a setup. They did know he would recuse because what was going to get announced would force his recusal.
Another commenter posted this intriguing video by whistle blower, Scott Bennett - a wee bit over-dramatic background music -but the material is substantial and relates to:
The real story behind the Michael Cohen office raid, stolen files and Syrian missile strike of 2018.
video description: "The real story behind the Michael Cohen investigation by the Department of Justice and Mueller probe, and the phone calls informing Michael Cohen and the Trump Campaign about the Obama-Clinton terrorist financing operations in the Middle East using Swiss Banks, Department of Justice, State Department, and Union Bank of Switzerland and others."
Comment from TheConservativeTreehouse blog:
"THIS ties both Eric Holder and Trisha B. Anderson’s law firm – Covington & Burling – to the scandal. Even more shocking – if the CF was used to fund terrorism, then THAT explains how the money got to Kenya to take out the CF witness in the mall attack!"
"...anybody with connections to Covington & Burling is potentially a risk. He also says something about Flynn having been represented by C&B – if so, THAT is one of the Clinton’s favorite traps – to OWN the law firm or individual lawyer representing the interest that needs to be controlled."

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