Thursday, December 19, 2019

IG Horowitz to Senate Panel: We "Didn't Credit" the FBI's Excuses For All Of Its "Errors," Because Those Explanations Are Not Credible

Horowitz reaffirmed today that his investigation did not rule out political bias as an explanation for the multiple failures of the FBI regarding a FISA warrant on Carter Page. What the IG did conclude is that the explanations given by the FBI for those failures were not credible. 
Senator Josh Hawley asked Horowitz, "What's the explanation? Why over time would all of these people, four times over the space of half a year, deliberately mislead a federal court?" 
"We don't make a conclusion as to the intent here so want to be clear about that," Horowitz replied. 
He then added, "But that was precisely the concern we had…is what you laid out. There are so many errors. We couldn't reach a conclusion or make a determination on what motivated those failures other than we did not credit, what I lay out here, the explanations we got." 
"Yeah, so it certainly wasn't the reasons that they offered to you," Hawley said. 
"We didn't credit that. And frankly this is one of the reasons we weren't able to but didn't reach a conclusion is we now have the court weighing in and the court wanting to understand what happened here as well, Horowitz said.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking deep state asshole. He needs to hang with the rest of them.

The douche is supposed to be accountable to the American people but his report is just another Comey-to-Hillary type whitewash: Terrible what was done intent.

Now he has to make the round of the shows and try to salvage his credibility but he gave them the one line they could repeat ad nauseum: no political bias. Of course that doesn't mean there wasn't any but he just didn't find it. And the media will square that circle for him.