Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The FISC Order

From Ace of Spades:
The court begins its order by noting two key bits of information: First of all, federal officials must sign and certify FISA applications, certifying -- swearing to the court -- that the claims made in the application are accurate and true. 
Let me point out that Comey himself signed some of these -- but when asked about that by Chris Wallace, he evaded responsibility and claimed he merely relied on his subordinates' claims. 
Well, buddy, it's not your subordinates' signature on the FISA applications certifying that the information is accurate and true. It's your signature. (And for the last FISA application -- Rod Rosenstein's signature.) 
If you remember back to the aftermath of the financial crisis, critics made a big deal that financial CEOs were being allowed to escape accountability for false or incomplete financial disclosures, claiming that they were relying on their accountants or CFO's or whatever. 
Congress passed a lot of controversial laws requiring that CEOs basically now sign everything, and attest to everything, to avoid this kind of responsibility-shifting. 
Well, in Comey's case (and in Rosenstein's), there's not even a convenient outside accounting firm to lay blame off on. They signed it themselves. 
But now Comey's saying, "Oh, you know, it's not really my job to look at the things I'm signing. Even if it's for an extraordinary warrant with the National Security court." Once again, he's setting up a "no evidence of sufficient intent" defense, this time for himself. 
The second point that court makes ...

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