Saturday, December 21, 2019

Oh, And About That Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Debate Last Night ...

"So, based on last night's debate, who would you vote for?

--A senile half-wit socialist who yells at clouds?

--A senile half-wit socialist who frightens small children?

--A busybody New England socialist who has declared war on American energy production?

--A Minnesota socialist who basically supports any progressive issue she's told to?

--A sanctimonious Christian socialist who only believes those parts of the Bible that don't apply to him.

--A billionaire socialist who basically bought his spot in the debate?

--A wacky socialist businessman who wants to give everybody free money?

Oh, and did anybody see any American flags at the debate? I mean, this being an American election and all, I would expect that there would be at least one. And especially since they Dems are all 'yay America' now. It's like they don't know how to do the whole patriotism thing right. It's a foreign language to them."

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Anonymous said...

The Methadone clinic is a nice touch. As to your second point: they should just be honest and fly the flag of the UN. You know, where their allegiance lies.