Thursday, April 29, 2021

Craig Kelly banned from Facebook for a week for posting Covid "misinformation"


Craig Kelly banned from Facebook for a week for posting Covid "misinformation" 
Liberal MP Craig Kelly has revealed Facebook has banned him for one week for posting three links to medical experts’ unproven views on Covid-19 treatments. 
Despite Scott Morrison publicly distancing himself from Kelly, the member for Hughes has continued to defy conventional medical wisdom through social media posts citing views of contrarian experts. 
Kelly said that Facebook had deleted three posts and banned him for one week, citing an alleged breach of its community standards. 
“I strongly object to the ban, there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever,” Kelly told Guardian Australia. “The points are a legitimate point of view. I’m not posting my opinions, I’m posting the opinions of medical experts.”

(Pastorius note: As if there is anything wrong with a human being expressing their own opinion.)

The three posts related to: unproven claims about hydroxychloroquine by professorDolores Cahill; a profile of professor Thomas Borodyin the Spectator which includes advocacy of ivermectin to treat coronavirus; and claims by pathologist Roger Hodkinson that masks are “useless” for children and “paper and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling”.

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