Thursday, April 29, 2021



From The Last English Prince:

We don’t fully address it, of course. Only when it suits us.

Having followed the story of two young sisters repeatedly raped in my city; records sealed because “Daddy” is important; the relative/assailant still happily living free and unpunished… I write.

And with vengeance in my heart against the attacker of what are now two lovely young women, I write – for the sake of the vulnerable. Because at the end of the day, our society is only as strong as the compassion extended to the weak.

Walking away, deliberately turning aside, from the rape of children – shows the reptilian coldness lurking within what should be the warmth of human frame.

We are different than Pakistan, of course. But not so different, when children are allowed to be the sacrificial lambs for “Daddy”, who is very… very… powerful.

So I write. For the two women who suffered years of rape and have shared with me their deep sense of injustice against the American system. I write. For the women who have been told they deserved rape for their manner of dress. I write. For societal health of women.


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