Saturday, April 24, 2021

Washington State Department of Health Allows Vaccination Sites to Deny Vaccines to White People to ‘Address Inequities’

If you’re a person of color, you can move forward and schedule a vaccine appointment if there is an opening. But if you’re white, you are automatically placed on a standby list. This bars you from continuing the process. 
AARTH says they will contact the white person if there is an opening. The first list, according to Hill, is a waitlist for people of color, should a vaccine appointment open up. 
If the waitlist is emptied and vaccine availabilities eventually open up, only then will a white person on the standby list be contacted. 
This policy effectively bars white people from accessing taxpayer funded vaccines set up through the state. Hill argues their system isn’t truly exclusionary. A small percentage of white people on the standby list make it through. 
She also notes that people who lie about their race won’t be turned away. Hill could not specify which governmental agency AARTH received its funding from for this project. Public Health — Seattle & King County tells the Jason Rantz Show they do not have a contract with AARTH.



midnight rider said...

Blacks are the new racists. Period. Go ahead motherfuckers DARE me to use the fucking word you are all so scared of you drench your sheets at night.

Pastorius said...

There certainly is a lot of Institutionalized Racism in favor of black people.

revereridesagain said...

There will be a rally against Critical Race Theory at the New Hampshire state house today. People are starting to wake up to "woke" and how pernicious these Marxist doctrines being shoved down everyone's throats are.

Pastorius said...

That's great to hear, RRA.

Anonymous said...

I guess these fools have not figured out that many of us white folks do not want the damn vaccine, anyway.