Friday, April 30, 2021

Antifa* (*Just An Idea) Issues Direct Threat to Mayor of Portland


Wheeler’s office sent TPM the following statement: “The Police Bureau has opened an investigation into the threat.” Additionally, FBI Portland’s spokesperson Beth Anne Steele released the following statement: 
“The FBI is aware of the video and is assisting Portland Police Bureau in the investigation. Due to the on-going nature of the case, we have no further information to release at this time. Anyone with information as to the person or people responsible for this video are encouraged to contact the FBI or PPB. The FBI can be reached at (503) 224-4181 or via” 
The account that uploaded the video Wednesday was created on the same day. Twitter user “@Hazeee1312” was the first person to follow the account and to share the video to Antifa networks. “1312” is the numeric coding for “ACAB” — all cops are bastards. 
@Hazeee1312’s profile photo showed a person wearing the same stylized white mask as the person in the video threat. Within hours of sharing the video, @Hazeee1312 deleted his entire account, which was created back in 2013. 
TPM can report exclusively that the @Hazeee1312 account was operated by far-left journalist, Jarrid Bailey Huber. The 21-year-old from Damascus, Ore. has been a staple at Antifa protests and riots in Portland and elsewhere in the U.S. Huber’s Facebook page is filled with flyers advertising BLM-Antifa events. 
His now-deleted Twitter account also shared extremist content from Antifa accounts. On Wednesday he also briefly shared the video on his Facebook but quickly deleted the post. A February 2020 post by Huber used language against Wheeler similar to what was said by the narrator in one part of the video. 
When reached for comment, Huber denied having any involvement in the video. “I had nothing to do with this video, I was asked to share it and that is all I did,” Huber wrote in an email.

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