Friday, April 23, 2021

RAND PAUL: "If You Want More People To Be Vaccinated, Joe Biden Should Go On TV, Take His Mask Off, and BURN IT!"


Anonymous said...

Poster at Zerogov has nailed the Corona Lunacy:

"Weaponized Hypochondria"

Redneck Texan said...

Rand is obviously running for President in 2024.

His Daddy, who ran several times, was weird.

A lot of uber-libertarians are scary weird... or too far ahead of their time, perhaps.

Rand at least projects enough of an air of normality that I like him.

Trump had alot of good qualities but intelligence and the ability to work within the political process were not 2 of them.

I think Rand (or Ted) would be much more effective in the Oval office than Trump was. He's a quick witted professional politician ...... but I still wonder if there's some Ron Paul kookieness hiding inside him. I'd be willing to find out.

Pastorius said...

"Weaponized Hypochondria".


Pastorius said...

What do you think of DeSantis?

Redneck Texan said...


He does seem to be getting shit done in Florida.

He's not afraid of offending the media.

I'd take him.

Pastorius said...

I agree with you about Libertarians.

I'm not too sure about DeSantis yet.

I loved Kristi Noem, until a few weeks ago when she vetoed a bill aimed at making girl's sports be only for girls. She offered up some excuse, but she didn't have a plan to move forward. She revealed herself to be a bullshit artist.

DeSantis may yet reveal himself to be the same.

Some people fool us by talking tough and turning into RINO's when the going gets tough.