Monday, May 03, 2021



Sometimes the most effective way to get what you really want is to tell people that you want the exact opposite. It is a subtle form of manipulation wherein you get the "audience" to hear you say you want one sort of extreme thing; they, in turn, express concern and objection, so you're able to then say, "I hear you. How about if we do this instead?" 
That is exactly what is happening when Democrats and BLM leaders tell you that they want to defund the police. As lawlessness and violent crimes continue to escalate across the country, they are hoping that American citizens will speak out and make clear that they need and want police, but of course, they also want to have the imperfections of policing addressed. Once that happens, Squad-types like AOC, Pressley, Tlaib, Omar, and others can stand in front of a microphone and say to the people: 
We hear you. That is why today, we are sponsoring legislation that will establish a national police force. This new force will take the place of smaller, ineffective, and poorly trained state and local forces around the country. Every person in every city and state will get the same high-quality, uniform service. All officers will be thoroughly trained in diversity, inclusion, and critical race theory. No longer will you have to fear chaos in your neighborhood. No longer will you have to fear those who are paid to protect you. 
With that, they will have accomplished their true objective. They'll have the ability to direct a Gestapo-style law enforcement arm to help them fulfill their quest for complete and total control over every substantive act of American daily life. This is what they are hiding from you when they say, "defund the police."



Most Likely II said...

Defund Congress.

revereridesagain said...

Start from the top down. Defund Biden.