Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Senior Member of CCP Think Tank Claims China Won Unprecedented Biological War Against the US in 2020 and “Put the US Back in its Place”

“In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the US is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the US was beaten back to its original shape,” Chen Ping said. 
“So I think Trump’s attempt to restore the declining international status of the US during his 4 years has failed. This failure is not only the failure of Trump’s personal campaign for re-election as president, but also the failure of the neo-liberalism-led globalization of the past four decades led by the US and the UK. Therefore, the development and modernization model of the US and Europe is not worthy of China’s imitation and repetition,” Peng added. 
Chen Ping (his bio here), Senior Researcher at China Institute, Fudan University, professor at Peking University, recently said the #CCP won the trade war, science & technology war, and especially the biological war in 2020. 
“The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record.” 
His main argument is that the Western model has failed, the 500-year maritime civilization is doomed, the CCP has won and “will lead the way of the modernization in the new era after the biology revolution” after the 2020 CCPVirus (COVID19) pandemic.

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Anonymous said...

Jason Goodman's recent "Crowdsource the Truth" video explores the background leading up to the recent pandemic.

John Cullen investigates the Canadian connection to Covid-19 with Special Guest David Hawkins

Jason carefully guides his guest's revelations (so as to not breach Youtube's limits on free speech) involving the Canadian Winnipeg laboratory at which female scientist from China, Xiangguo Qiu (pronounced as Chu) was later arrested (July 2019) by the Canadian Royal Mounted Police (RCMP)...later to be located in Wuhan, China laboratory.
Also brought into the matrix is the "bizarre ritualistic execution" of billionaire pharma couple (worth 3.5B), Barry & Honey Sherman in December of 2017. Barry Sherman, 75, the founder and chairman of the board of generic drug giant Apotex. He was well known to successfully take on big pharma patents.
They speculate that when the moratorium against 'gain-of-function' research was lifted on the 21st. of December 2017....had he been alive, Sherman would have recognized the attempt to develop pathogens to cull targeted populations. For instance, they point to Obamacare and the ever increasing expense of elder health care.

They also touch on the patents on spike proteins (glycoprotein)(not vaccine patent) which the Pirbright Institute discounts