Friday, May 21, 2021

Israel-Gaza: The Democrats' 'tectonic' shift on the conflict

The latest clashes between Israel and the Palestinians have revealed exactly how much the political centre of gravity in the Democratic Party has moved on the conflict in recent years.

"The shift is dramatic; it's tectonic," says pollster John Zogby, who has tracked US views on the Middle East for decades. In particular, younger generations are considerably more sympathetic to the Palestinians - and that age gap has been on full display with the Democratic Party.

While President Joe Biden has expressed a more traditional view, repeatedly emphasising that Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks, he's finding himself out of step in a party that is now at least as concerned with the conditions on the ground for the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank - and Israeli policies viewed as contributing to their plight.

To track the shift within the Democratic Party on Israel and the Palestinians, one can start by looking at that most representative US political institution, Congress. 


Anonymous said...

Understand also that Zogby is a long time Palestinian supporter and suck-up.

Anonymous said...

John and James Zogby are brothers both born in New York state and of Lebanese descent. John is the pollster. James is the founder of the Arab American Institute, John is a board member of same. From the AAI mission statement:

"Our domestic agenda includes promoting immigrant rights... we believe that the US should enhance its ties with Arab countries in all fields... We support a viable Palestinian state..." .

James is a radical. Active in the Presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders. He also blogs at The Huffington Post and is a member of Politico's Arena. His hatred for Israel is well documented though he carefully couches it in terms of Anti-Zionism.

Pastorius said...

Did not realize it was that bad. Thanks for the information.