Monday, May 24, 2021

Where the heck is Joe Biden as anti-Semitic attacks engulf America?

Low-grade pogroms against Jews are sweeping the U.S.

Hamas thugs are unleashing violent unprovoked violent assaults on Jews innocently going about their business in U.S. cities - in New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida, with leftists saying 'don't blame me.' Some leftists are repeating their old trope that they're merely anti-Zionist, not full-blown Jew-haters no different from the Klan or other low-class dirtbags. For appearances' sake, most are paying some kind of lip service to condemning this apparently organized Hamas thuggery appearing suddenly on our shores, even as they continue to claim with forked tongues that Israel is the problem. 

Joe Biden, though, is the exception. He hasn't said a damn thing. He still remains AWOL as Jews are hunted down and assaulted in bona fide hate crimes, raising questions, at least in my mind, as to whether Hamas has something on him. 

He's said nothing. His Twitter feed is a wasteland and his White House site is silent. 'Silent Joe' is his way with this one, and it's not a compliment.

Biden can reliably be counted upon to condemn other hate crimes and perceived transgressions -- he condemned anti-Asian hate crimes, for one, and of course, calls any incident involving a black suspect and a white cop 'systemic racism,' which makes his silence in the case of this shocking wave of attacks all the more remarkable. 


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