Sunday, May 16, 2021

Indictment filed against 3 attempted lynchers in east Jerusalem

An Israeli court's filed indictments against 3 Islamic residents of east Jerusalem for trying to murder a car driver:
The Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office has submitted to the Jerusalem District Court indictments against three Arab residents of Jerusalem for acts of terror, aggravated assault, arson, and intentional destruction of a vehicle, due to racist motives.

The Arabs, ages 21 and 23, are being charged for attempting to lynch a Jewish civilian, as part of the recent wave of violent riots and attacks against police officers and civilians.

According to the indictment, on April 22, the Jewish civilian, who was dressed as a religious Jew, traveled on the main road in Wadi al-Joz, on his way to the Western Wall. As his vehicle stood in a traffic jam near the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, one of the passersby yelled at those grouped next to him that a "settler" vehicle was at the scene.

When the others heard the call, they began throwing stones at the Jew's vehicle, kicking it, and attempting to remove him from it. The rioters hit the vehicle, breaking its windows. At one point, the victim succeeded in exiting the vehicle and running a few meters in an attempt to escape the rioters. However, the rioters chased after him and caught him, threw him to the ground, and beat him all over his body, as they kicked him and stepped on him.

Among the rioters who hit the victim while he was lying on the ground were two suspects against whom indictments were submitted. At one point, the victim succeeded in escaping by foot towards a nearby ambulance. After he escaped the scene, the mob continued to attack his vehicle.

The third suspect took a carton from a nearby garbage bin, lit it on fire, and used it to set the vehicle on fire - all due to racist motives. As a result of the suspects' actions, the Jewish civilian suffered injuries and a cut to his head, and suffered pains throughout his entire body

The Prosecutor's Office has requested that the court order the suspects' arrest to be extended until the completion of legal proceedings against them. The request notes that the suspects took part in beating a civilian for several long minutes, while he was lying helpless on the ground, kicking him and hitting him with a motorcycle helmet. These circumstances prove the severity of the crimes, and that they were done with great violence and cruelty.
Desensitization to violence, through religion or otherwise, is one of the most abominable things to be found in this modern world, yet nobody's willing to address the subject convincingly, if at all.

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