Monday, May 31, 2021

Newsarama sugarcoats Joe Sacco's propaganda comics getting digital editions

I see Newsarama's writing a disgustingly sugary take on the anti-Israeli cartoonist Sacco's left-wing propaganda graphic novels:
Five of writer/artist Joe Sacco's riveting non-fiction graphic novels are finally debuting digitally today - a first for the 60-year old award-winning cartoonist.
"Riveting", they say? This was somebody who made harmful statements at the time of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, whose comics are apologia for Islamofascism, and they're telling us this is "riveting"? What a disgrace.
Palestine, Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995, But I Like It, Notes from a Defeatist, and Bumf Vol. 1: Buggered the Kaiser are all now available on both Comixology and Kindle, as part of a deal with Amazon and Sacco's publisher for these books, Fantagraphics.

Safe Area Goražde is a standout for Sacco's perspective as effectively an embedded journalist during the Bosnian War. This OGN was named 'Best Comic of 2000' by Time Magazine, and won both an Eisner Award and an Eagle Award for 'Best Graphic Novel.'
Oh, no doubt about that. His vision is so far-left, it's hard to be sure which of his GNs is worse. At least this sums up where Newsarama stands, if that's how they're going to describe everything. And it's no shock the award ceremonies, corrupted as they are by partisan politics today, would heap plenty of prizes into his posessions. That's why award shows today are just not worth the bother, as the rating results for this year's Oscars ceremony demonstrated.

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